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Introducing JINsoon Neo Pop Collection

Neo Pop Collection

We are excited to officially introduce JINsoon Neo Pop Spring 2018 collection! This fun and playful set is part of the JINsoon art collaboration series. Pop art has been a major source of inspiration since the inception of the JINsoon nail lacquer line, so it is only fitting that JINsoon teamed up with Korean Pop Artist, Hyang-Sook Yun, for the JINsoon Neo-Pop Collection.

Hyang-Sook is known for super-imposing dot matrix patterns as a trans-formative medium over silhouette-like archetypal images. In this collaboration, the subject is a JINsoon nail polish bottle in various shades, yielding an Andy Warhol-like result - perfectly relevant for an iconic product such as JINsoon nail lacquer. Paying homage to the pop art period’s bright colors and hues and with our first white cap design, this collection is already a season’s and runway favorite!

Neo Pop Collection

  • Fab (multi-color dot pop speckles in a matte finish)
  • Hella (watermelon/pink)
  • Birdie (light purple lavender)
  • Chillin' (creamy white)

Meet the artist: Hyang-Sook Yun

Artist Instagram account

Hyang-Sook Yun

Yun Hyang Sook was born in Seoul, South Korea and graduated from Hong Ik University in 1985. She held her first solo exhibition in 1989 with varied planar and three dimensional art, a harbinger of work that was to come. Throughout the 1990's, she recycled abandoned objects, incorporating them into art as an expression of hopefulness over adversity. In the 2000's, Hyang Sook experimented with dot matrix's as a transformative medium, super-imposing them over silhouette-like iconic images (bottles, books, jazz musicians, roads, her workshop, etc.), employing both bright and water color-like tints layered on acrylic plates. The interplay of the layers creates a three dimensional quality within the two dimensional frame of her pieces and heightens the ephemeral nature of the depicted subjects.

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