color story


“I met Phil in 2012 when he was working at Lifestyle Mirror online magazine. He was the first male beauty editor l met and I was very fascinated by that. He was so energetic, sweet and positive and I liked him immediately. He loves a shiny buff manicure - he doesn’t like to wear nail polish but appreciates nail grooming and care. It was great witnessing his growth in success and I am very proud to consider him a friend.”

— Jin Soon Choi




Yellow was a color everyone always told me not to wear or incorporate into design or anything else. Because it’s so bright and such a statement, I think people fear it. Nevertheless, it was always my grandmother’s favorite color—one she wore often and had on display in her home. After she passed, I started buying more yellow to remind myself of all the gifts she gave me. The best gift, of course, was a certain kind of fearlessness in loving who and what you choose. Now in my home, I have a big yellow couch. It’s the centerpiece of our living room.

What’s your fav nail polish color and why?

I don’t wear nail polish—I try to be as low maintenance with my hands as possible! I prefer just a shiny buff whenever I get a manicure.

If you don’t use nail polish, how about fav color?

I personally love both black and white polishes. I think they are so chic. Otherwise, nothing beats a gorgeous oval nail in a high-gloss camel or suede color.

Thoughts on hand, beauty, and self-care?

Our hands reveal so much about us — what we do for a living, how we work, and (if you’re a believer) our destinies. I love to treat my hands with the same products I use for my face. The skin there needs just as much love.