The JINsoon Effortless Nail Buffer/Shiner

Give your nails a break from nail polish while keeping them looking their best by buffing them with a JINsoon Nail Buffer/Shiner.  You'll get a shiny, top coat-like look with our buffer/shiner - it's gentle on your nails so it won't harm the nail bed. Simply rub the buff side against your nails to even out the nail bed surface and then flip it over and rub it on your nails again for a smooth, mirror-like finish.  Your nails will instantly have a natural shine and a healthy appearance.

Buffing your nails is no longer just for men. Anna Wintour loves buff manicures and I certainly understand why that is so. They look so fresh and well-maintained and you don't need to worry about your nail polish chipping. Many pregnant women favor this style because it prevents exposure to harsh chemicals in nail polish. Buff manicures are also part of the high fashion scene - Team JINsoon did shiny buffs for Marc Jacobs, The Row, and Alexander McQueen on their runway shows.

Many brands make 3-way or 4-way shiny buffers that are simply too abrasive for your nails and require more steps to obtain a finished look.  This can weaken and damage your nails.  The JINsoon Nail Buffer/Shiner was created to provide effortless, non-damaging workmanship by employing super fine abrasives that smooth and protect nails, resulting in an ultra-shiny finish.

How to use:

  1. File your nails to your desired shape
  2. Push back the cuticles
  3. Clean the oily residue from the nail beds
  4. Smooth the rough edges and buff the entire nail surface with the "Buff" side
  5. Shine your nails with the "Shine" side.

Jin's tips:

If you decide to use nail polish after buffing and shining your nails, the nail polish will adhere much better to the smooth surface of the nail bed, making the manicure last much longer.  It's a method I use when a long lasting manicure is an absolute must

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