10 Day Mani Challenge

Two Tone Modern French Manicure - go-to nail art for an urban vacation
Our designer/travel lover Jeeyoon Rhee, who travelled to Europe while sporting a skinny French manicure on her nails, discovered how long her French manicure lasted without even a top coat touch-up in between. If you are looking for nail art design ideas, French nails will fit the bill, and they are currently one of the most popular nail designs at the JINsoon Nail Spas. The combination of a proper mani, polish application, rich polish formula, and a gel-like high shine top coat like  JINsoon Top Gloss all but guarantees a long-lived manicure.
Jeeyoon was inspired to photograph her French mani nails, so we want to share her 10 day mani diary with you. Although she noticed that her manicure lasted longer when she got manicures professionally at the JINsoon Nail Spa than when she did her own manicure, we would like to show the steps in doing a long lasting DIY mani like a professional. 
Jeeyoon, an art devotee, also noticed how good her two tone French-lined nail art matched with the art and paintings at the museums she visited - check out the pics. I call this French nail design the "Two Tone Modern French Manicure." 
Love how Jeeyoon chose two opposite yet compatible colors, JINsoon Cool Blue and Hope, and for the French lines on JINsoon Pixie, a sheer pink.  It makes for a really cute nail design. French manicures are not just on-trend; they are interesting and create instantaneous nail designs. They are also perfect for a long-lasting manicure for a vacation.  And for great vacation outfits, check out www.vivacabana.com for curated destination-focused fashion! The key point is to use a sheer color as the main base color and draw skinny French lines, then touch up the tips of the nails when you draw the lines, and be sure to apply a top coat. A top coat is a must because it smoothes out the unevenness of the nail polish application and extends the life of the manicure.
Products: JINsoon Power Coat base coat / Base color: JINsoon Pixie / French lines: JINsoon Hope and Cool Blue / JINsoon Top Gloss top coat
How to:
1. File/shape nails with a JINsoon High Performance Diamond Nail File
5. Clean the nail surface with non-acetone nail polish remover
6. Apply JINsoon Power Coat base coat
7. Apply JINsoon Pixie or Muse
8. Using a striping brush, paint a slightly curved skinny line at the end of the nails with JINsoon Hope and Cool Blue by alternating each finger nail.
9. Finish the look by applying JINsoon Top Gloss top coat


10 day mani gallery
So fresh, so cute, and so well done. The shine on Pixie looks like a gel-mani!

Cuticles got a bit dry but it has nothing to do with manicure.  Apply JINsoon Honeysuckle +Primrose Cuticle Oil

No change on the appearance of French manicure

No signs of any chipping; just dry cuticles on the sides of some finger nails

Still looking good, nothing is chipped, I see dryness on fingers and cuticles

Tiny nick on the tip of the ring finger, which is not too noticeable

Tiny nick on the tip of the index finger, but not too noticeable

Tiny nick on the corner of the middle finger, but not too noticeable

No change

Other than a few not-too-noticeable nicks, the manicure is still looking good!  Thank you for your manicure documentation Jeeyoon!

Jin's tip
How to make nail polish last longer? 
The first measure to be taken to ensure that your nail polish is long lasting is to properly clean the nail.  If you have any remaining grease or lotion on your nails, the polish won’t adhere properly.  Use an orange wood stick with cotton wrapped around the tip (or a Q-tip), saturate it in the non-acetone nail polish remover or alcohol and clean the nail surface until it is matte. Top coat extends the life of the nail polish, both in terms of color retention and durability. It prevents pesky chipping and keeps the nail polish shiny and fresh. Apply a coat of JINsoon Top Gloss a few days after your manicure and your old nail color will look super shiny as if you had a fresh manicure - a coat of top coat does magic!

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