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BRITISH VOGUE | January 2023

The cover star; the one and only supermodel Iman

British Vogue from January 2023

I’m Done With The Seat At The Table. Let’s Just Dismantle The Whole Table”- Iman On The Need To Reset Fashion’s Agenda

A legend comes into fresh focus, as the supermodel talks to Funmi Fetto about changing the industry, resisting ageing clichés and her enduring love for David Bowie. Photographs by Nadine Ijewere. Styling by Kate Phelan. Hair: Jawara. Make-up: Grace Ahn. Nails: Jin Soon Choi. Set design: Caz Slattery. Production: Hen’s Tooth Productions. Digital artwork: Touch Digital.



I worked with Iman some time ago so it was nice to work with her again for this gig. I love her energy. She treated everyone equally and readily engaged in conversation with everyone no matter who they were or what their work was.  She made us feel so comfortable with her great sense of humor. In between each shoot, she let me take photos and short videos of her and kindly showed and posed her nails for me. She wanted to have a skin tone color and I showed her JINsoon Earth Clay and she loved it! For this shoot, I used JINsoon Coquette.

When she lived in lower Manhattan many years ago, she generously recommended my East Village salon whenever she had an interview, which was so nice of her! I am so appreciative to have been the recipient of Iman's support of small local businesses. 

Truly adore pioneer, icon, legendary, supermodel and extraordinary person Iman!

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