The contrast between luxury fashion and nail aesthetics couldn't be more pronounced this season, ranging from the bold lure of dark and edgy designs to the understated elegance of natural buff and shine. Each trend carries its own unique perspective, making a striking statement on the runways. Let's delve into the hottest nail trends straight from the heart of runways!

BLACK CHERRY: The Reigning Trend of FW2024

Black cherry stole the spotlight on the FW2024 runways, emitting an edgy vibe with rebellious charm. JINsoon Risque emerged as the hero of the season, capturing the attention of designers across the spectrum. Helmut Lang handpicked this hue for its striking contrast yet seamless compatibility with darker skin tones, while Brandon Maxwell opted for two coats JINsoon RIsque to achieve a chic and sophisticated aesthetic on all of the models. Meanwhile, Jason Wu pushed creative boundaries with a mesmerizing deconstructed black cherry ombre, showcasing the versatility and magnetic appeal of this compelling trend.

NEW SHEERS: Refined yet sophisticated

Sheers are no longer just subtle; they can be both chic and edgy! JINsoon unveiled two exciting additions to her sheer collection: a glamorous rose sheer and a contemporary, edgy smokey sheer. Helmut Lang embraced the versatility of Whisper, a new rosy sheer set to release in March, boasting pink undertones, perfectly matching pale skin tones, while opting for a smoky nude shade for pale and medium skin tones.

Proenza Schouler also joined the trend, incorporating the smoky sheer into their runway looks for a modern luxury vibe. Set to launch in August 2024, the smoky sheer has swiftly become a designer favorite for its understated yet sophisticated presence.

BUFF & SHINE: A Healthy Alternative for Nail Grooming

There's a wholesome approach to nail care that doesn't involve any nail polish. Enter Buff & Shine – a technique that leaves your nails looking naturally glossy, as if you've applied a shiny top coat, but without the drying time or chemicals. Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger both embraced well-groomed nail aesthetics, opting for the Buff & Shine manicure using the JINsoon Buffer & Shiner.

Fashionistas have eagerly adopted this nail care regimen, adding a touch of JINsoon Honeysuckle + Primrose Cuticle Oil for the perfect finishing touch. With this simple routine, you're ready to conquer the day with confidence and style.

CHIC BLACK: The Epitome of Modern Elegance

 Black holds many accolades: modern, chic, luxurious, cool – the list goes on. Proenza Schouler was captivated by JINsoon Absolute Black for its elegant and sophisticated appearance, perfectly complementing their collection. Personally, I adore black, particularly on short nails, for its effortlessly cool vibe.

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