Marc Jacobs: Fashion Icon and Nail Enthusiast

Back in 2008, I had the incredible opportunity to work with Marc Jacobs for the NARS 15 X 15 PROJECT, a celebrity homage to makeup legend Francois Nars. Francois envisioned a bold, daring look, and I created red nail extensions to complement his matching red lips which became an instant icon.

This marked the beginning of a lasting partnership. I've had the privilege of working with Marc on Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs campaigns alongside the esteemed photographer Steven Meisel, and continue to contribute to his runway shows. I always admire Marc for how brilliantly creative he is - Marc is not just a fashion icon; he's an incredibly talented, loyal, and genuinely kind person. Working with him for so long has been a true honor.

Marc's Colorful Approach to Nails

Marc's flamboyant personality extends far beyond his fashion choices. He's a master of self-expression, and his influence is undeniable – anything he touches becomes a trend! But amidst all the vibrancy, one thing stands out: his love for nails.

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of doing his manicures using his own polish line which I use in my salons. During the pandemic, he even took matters into his own hands, coining the term "MANicure" while giving himself manicures! He made rocking painted nails a cool and trendy thing for men, encouraging them to embrace nail color as a form of daily self-expression, just like women do.

More Than Just Fashion

This experience with Marc goes beyond the world of fashion. It's a testament to his creativity, his dedication to self-expression, and his appreciation for the art of a good manicure. It's a reminder that fashion is more than just clothes; it's a way to tell your story and express your individuality, down to the very tips of your fingers.

Here's his incredible nail evolution, below. From the day we met, his style has gone from regular polish to long extensions adorned with jewels on his fingertips. It's truly fascinating to see how his creativity pushes boundaries, and I can't wait to see what trendsetting nail style he comes up with next!

2024 Marc Jacobs Rocks Long, Jeweled Nails by Muneca Nails

Marc Jacobs is currently loving the trend of long, jeweled nails created by Muneca (@muneca_nails). He reportedly finds them not only stylish but also enjoys the unique sound they make when tapping them on tables. He even calls them "fantastic nails"!

Jacobs' style elevates these long acrylics beyond any stereotype. It's a perfect example of how the overall look, including clothing and nail design, contributes to a cohesive and fashion-forward aesthetic.

Pictures Of Marc Jacobs loving the trend of long, jeweled nails created by Muneca In 2024

Photographs by (@hunterabrams)

2024 Marc Jacobs Makes a Statement at the 2024 Met Gala with Dramatic Nails

Celebrity nail artists Jenny Bui (@nailson7th) and Cianna Bui (@ciannas.creationsofficial) created a show-stopping look for Marc Jacobs at the 2024 Met Gala. Extra-long black and emerald nails became a major nail moment of the evening, generating a lot of buzz. Jacobs himself clearly embraced the daring style, making these sensational nails a key part of his overall Met Gala look.

Mark Jacobs Got Extra-long black and emerald nails


2022-2023: Chic Cool Chrome Nails

Marc Jacobs embraced the chic cool chrome nail trend in 2022-2023, thanks to nail artist Ella (@xg_zhangchen) at Cindy Nails. This metallic look perfectly complemented his fashion-forward style during that period.

Marc Jacobs embraced the chic cool chrome nail trend in 2022-2023

2020-2021: A Flair for JINsoon Reds, Greens, and Beyond

Marc Jacobs' love for bold colors extends beyond fashion and spills over into his nail choices. A loyal client at the JINsoon Tribeca salon, he's consistently impressed by the richness, depth of color, and dense pigmentation of JINsoon polishes.

While reds hold a special place in his heart, his go-to choice remains the classic deep red shade, JINsoon Audacity. He also enjoys its shimmering counterpart, Jasper, for a touch of extra sparkle. For a summery red alternative, he reaches for Coquette.

2020-2021: Mark Jacobs Wears A Flair for JINsoon Reds


But his appreciation isn't limited to reds. When seeking a bold green, his favorite is the "wicked, iridescent green" shade, Epidote. He also has a fondness for Heirloom, a striking dual chrome blue. These diverse choices showcase his adventurous spirit and love for experimenting with color.

"I have been a long time fan and a very satisfied customer when it comes to Jin’s nail polish. I love the richness and depth of color and the dense pigmentation. I sometimes change up colors, usually from reds to greens. Coquette is my summer red whim, and Epidote is my favorite wicked, iridescent green. My go-to classic is a deep dark red called Audacity. I’ve got my fingers painted and polished in it as I write these words of praise." -Marc Jacobs

2020-2021: Mark Jacobs Apperas In A Flair for JINsoon Greens, and Blues


2019-2020: A Canvas for Artistic Expression by Mei

In 2019-2020, Marc Jacobs turned his nails into a canvas for the artistry of Mei (@nailsbymei), a talented Japanese nail artist based in NYC. Her incredible skills range from drawing cartoon characters to creating hip-hop-inspired pop art.

Post Of Marc Jacobs, turned his nails into a canvas for the artistry of Mei In 2019-2020


Marc was particularly impressed by Mei's ability to hand-draw intricate designs and her keen eye for identifying emerging trends. This artistic collaboration undoubtedly resulted in some unique and eye-catching nail art during this period.

Pictures Of Marc Jacobs Hand Drawn Nails By Mei In 2019-2020


2015 A Love for Jezebel and Blacquer from  Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer

When Marc Jacobs Beauty launched its own nail polish line in 2015, Marc Jacobs himself reportedly had a special fondness for two shades: Jezebel and Blacquer. These colors likely reflected his appreciation for bold and statement-making colors in his overall aesthetic.

Post Of Mark Jacobs Showing Love for Jezebel And Blacquer Shades


2008 A Collaboration for the Ages

In 2008, the opportunity arose to collaborate with a fashion icon: Marc Jacobs. Francois Nars, the legendary makeup artist, photographed Marc for the NARS 15 X 15 PROJECT. It was an honor to contribute the finishing touch – Marc's nails – for this special project. The resulting book, published in limited quantities in 2009, captured a truly iconic moment.

Pictures Of Mark Jacobs Nails In Red & Chrome Silver photographed by Francois Nars

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