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The French Manicure Series: Glam Classic White French Manicure

White French is back in fashion - a soft romantic curved white French on almond/round shaped nails makes for a glam romantic look as it did for the Michael Kors Spring 2022 Collection show.


Urban romance was the theme of the Michael Kors show which took place at Tavern on the Green in Central Park in NYC in September 2021 - the show was set at the perfect place and everyone was happy about doing an in-person show again. A live performance by musical star Ariana DeBose, who played Anita in Steven Spielberg's movie West Side Story. This collection was lively, happy and romantic and the weather was a perfect Spring day in NYC. I was so happy to be a part of this incredible show. I thought I didn't enjoy working on shows but I realized how much I missed working with people after not working during the pandemic - I felt grateful for having work and it made me feel alive again! 

“I think we’re all ready to focus on the simple, powerful pleasures of love—romantic love, love for one another, love for the places that sustain us, which in my case is New York City,” says Michael Kors. “It’s a special thrill to celebrate the resilience and rebirth of the city and the fashion industry with a live runway show. This collection pays homage to everything I love about spring in the city—the energy, the mix of people, the romance and laid-back glamour.”

Michael told me at the test: "Jin, I want a French manicure with medium long nails with curved French lines with medium thickness. but they need to look natural." It was a perfect idea to bring the classic French manicure back in fashion which would compliment his sweet romantic collection. So I had to think quickly about how to show natural nail beds, yet with long nails, and I immediately came up with an idea using Apres gel-x nail tips which were made with gel and transparent, and best of all, they were already beautifully shaped. Fashion definitely initiates trends and the classic French manicure is most certainly in fashion.

My team and I got together and prepped about 750 pieces of nail tips with hand painted smile lines. 



These are the steps for the Michael Kors Glam French manicure:

Products: Apres gel-x round shape in medium long length, JINsoon Absolute White, a thin nail art brush, and JINsoon Top Gloss top coat.

1. Smooth the tip of Apres gel-x tips and buff

2. Using a striping brush or the actual nail polish brush, paint a slightly curved line at the end of the nail tips and fill in the rest with JINsoon Absolute White. Our team used silicone stamping to create the line as well as a striping brush and nail polish brush

3. Finish the look by applying JINsoon Top Gloss top coat


Jin's tip:  If you are not good at painting French lines, use tape or just apply white lines and clean them with a brush to perfect it. 


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