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Hello Spring - JINsoon Glazed Glass Spring Collection Blossoming on the SS2024 NYFW Runways

The JINsoon Glazed Glass Spring Collection made its debut on the NYFW runways, gracing shows by Brandon Maxwell, Michael Kors, and Helmut Lang. I was thrilled to see the designers' enthusiasm for the collection, even without my direct promotion. They chose the JINsoon Glazed Glass shades to adorn their runways, a testament to their appeal and versatility.

The collection's new reds and sheers stole the spotlight, showcasing a moment of vibrant freshness. The addition of new JINsoon colors featuring glazed glass finishes was particularly well-received, with their translucent sheen infusing a youthful and spring-like energy. It was no surprise to see shades of red and sheer rose dominating the scene, effortlessly capturing timeless elegance. These hues perfectly complemented the simplicity of silhouettes and color palettes presented in the runway shows, adding a touch of sophistication to the runway looks. Happy Spring!

Brandon Maxwell paired JINsoon Crush, a fiery hot red for nails, with Whisper, a rosy jelly sheer for toes, in his Intimate Revolution showcase.
When Brandon expressed his desire for red nails, I presented him with several options including Crush, a splendid new red from JINsoon. I explained how this particular shade would be perfect for the spring season due to its subtle transparency. Brandon agreed, recognizing its versatility and suitability for all skin tones and nail lengths. Crush, from the JINsoon NEW Glazed Glass Collection, matched perfectly with Brandon Maxwell’s vision for his Spring Summer 2024 collection, which embraced intimacy in its truest form with boldness and confidence.

The combination of red nails and sheer toes is heavenly. It effortlessly blends sophistication with a touch of playfulness, adding a dynamic flair to any look. The boldness of the red nails juxtaposed with the delicate sheerness of the toes creates a striking contrast that exudes confidence and elegance. It's a timeless pairing that never fails to make a statement, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

Michael Kors embraced effortless chic with JINsoon Whisper, a new rosy shade designed for both hands and feet.


Describing the mood of his collection as "barefoot glamour," Michael Kors aimed to infuse a sense of fun and relaxation into his designs, perfect for vacationing. This ethos reflected a casual, laidback attitude intertwined with timeless elegance and relaxed glamour. Seeking nails that embodied this vibe, Michael expressed a preference for sheer tones that exuded timelessness.

During the preparation phase, I carefully assessed the styles and color palettes, intuitively selecting a newly crafted sheer shade that promised to complement all skin tones flawlessly. Michael's enthusiastic response confirmed the choice, noting its warm weather vacation-like appeal and emphasizing the importance of universality across skin tones.

With this feedback in mind, I showcased the delicate rosy sheer shade on a variety of skin tones, receiving unanimous praise. JINsoon's introduction of this subtle yet chic nail look perfectly captured the essence of natural beauty and effortlessness, seamlessly enhancing Michael Kors' fresh and modern SS2024 collection.

For Peter Do's debut collection for Helmut Lang, we opted for a versatile approach with two distinct nail looks featuring JINsoon Flirt and Whisper

Peter's penchant for multiple nail looks always provided an exciting challenge, one that I welcomed wholeheartedly. Alongside sleek and minimal nail designs, I introduced two new colors from the JINsoon Glazed Glass Spring Collection. To ensure cohesion with Peter's vision, I received fabric swatches in advance, allowing me to create nail colors that harmonized seamlessly with the collection.

Upon presenting the options, Peter selected two shades: Flirt, a vibrant fuchsia, and Whisper, a sheer rosy hue. Models adorned in fuchsia outfits received Flirt on their nails, enhancing the boldness of their attire. Meanwhile, Whisper added a touch of sheer glam to the nails of other models, ensuring a cohesive yet diverse aesthetic throughout the collection.

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