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Unveiling Our Spring 2024 Collection: Inspiring Origins, Colorful Creations, and a Collection Launch

Crafting the Glazed Glass Collection: A Fusion of Inspiration

In the inception of the Glazed Glass Collection, inspiration sparked from a myriad of sources, converging into one cohesive vision. This creative journey was illuminated by two distinct colors: a delicate sheer pink and a vibrant fuchsia, both drawn from the Helmut Lang Spring 2024 palette. These hues were reimagined, transformed into a luminous translucent finish, evoking the essence of the spring season.

The addition of an orange-red shade was inspired by the translucent quality found in flowers, reminiscent of the natural stain left by balsam blossoms. Entranced by the gel-like texture, which imparted a plumping effect and a lustrous sheen akin to glass, it became evident that the final aesthetic resembled that of glazed glass—an artistic motif that begged further exploration.

In delving deeper into the realm of glass artistry, memories of my visit to the Chihuly Garden Glass exhibit by the renowned artist Dale Chihuly in Seattle flooded my mind. I recalled the splendorous array of colors and the breathtaking beauty of the glass sculptures. It was an experience that left a profound impression on me.

Inspired by this encounter, the Glazed Glass Collection embodies the essence of colored glazed glass—translucent, glossy, and mesmerizing. Each shade is meticulously crafted to evoke the spirit of creativity and invites wearers to indulge in a transformative beauty experience.

Concept of creating images

In shaping the concepts for our photo shoot, our design team and I used colored translucent disks and glass objects to communicate our ideas. To bring this vision to life, we gathered custom-cut acrylic disks in both round and square shapes, translucent cellophane sheets, and colorful chopsticks to add vibrancy to the compositions. We also sourced various glass objects to complement the overall aesthetic.

We cut the colored cellophane sheets into irregular shapes. These sheets were strategically positioned on the model's hands to add depth and visual interest to the images, aiming to convey the most captivating BTS moments and produce visually striking images.

BTS Moments: Behind the Scenes

A huge thank you to the incredible team who made this shoot happen!

Photographer and Director:Noah Berghammer

Cinematographer: Eliott Atkinson

Grafter/Lighting Director/Photo Assistant: Christopher Boyle

Creative Director: Jeeyoon Rhee

Art Director: Andrea Claros Miyashiro

Hand Models: Annis Kamara and Julia Kim

Nail Artists: Jenny Salinas and Rebecca Crouch

Production Assistant: MinJae Rhee

Blush Nail Art

Blush nail art is a stunning way to showcase vibrant hues. Using a sponge technique, it creates an artistic flair, resembling the natural flush of your cheeks or a delicate touch of makeup. As an accent nail accessory, blush nail art adds a lively dimension to your nails.

How-To Steps:

  1. Clean, prep nails and the shape nails using a JINsoon High Performance Diamond Nail File to the models’ desired shape.
  2. Apply Power Coat base coat to each nail.
  3. Apply two coats of JINsoon Whisper, a NEW rosy sheer.
  4. Embrace the sponge: Grab JINsoon Flirt, a bright fuschia, and dab it onto a makeup sponge. With a light touch, gently dab the sponge onto your nails, creating a playful explosion of color. Feel free to vary the pressure and angle for a unique and vibrant effect.
  5. Clean up any excess color around the cuticles and sponge with a cotton ball or paper towel saturated in nail polish remover before applying the top coat.
  6. Finish with JINsoon Top Gloss top coat for a dazzling shine finish.
  7. Tools and Products Used: JINsoon High Performance Diamond Nail File, Power Coat, Whisper, Flirt or Crush and Top Gloss.

Glazed Glass Collection: Soft elegance meets artistic flair

The Glazed Glass Collection is inspired by the polished finish of colors found in glass art. Drawing inspiration from the translucent beauty of colored glasses, this collection curates a unique array. It offers a fetching touch and a lightweight finish, allowing for seamless layering. The soft, squishy consistency, reminiscent of colored glasses, coupled with the wetness that imparts a plump, jelly-like appearance in the nail polish, adds to its distinctive charm. This polished finish reflects light beautifully, highlighting the pure color of the glass. It's perfect for showcasing intricate details in colored glass art.
"The Glazed Glass Collection is a delightful way to add a touch of artistry to your nails, embodying the beauty of colored glass while providing a versatile and user-friendly platform for showcasing individual style” - Jin Soon Choi

Embrace soft elegance and artistic flair with:
  • Translucent Shades: Capture the delicate beauty of polished glass colors.
  • Plump Jelly Finishes: Experience unique textures and a captivatingly plumplook.
  • Effortless Layering: Blend and experiment with seamless application.
  • Lightweight Formula: Play with endless possibilities without weighing down your nails.

Spring 2024 Glazed Glass Colors:

Whisper, a jelly rosy pink: Soft, translucent pink with a hint of blush, like morning sunlight filtering through rose petals.

Crush, a vivid orange red: Bright translucent orange red, reminiscent of tints of balsam flower petals.

Flirt, a fluorescent magenta: Freshly crushed raspberry dipped in sunshine that isn’t shy; it's a playful wink and a burst of summer blooming on your fingertips.

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