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JINsoon Summer 2024 Glazed Glass Collection: Pastel Dreams

JINsoon is thrilled to announce part two of the Glazed Glass Series with our Summer 2024 Collection: Pastel Dreams! Inspired by the delicate beauty of translucent, pastel-colored glassware, this collection of three new shades offers a curated selection of soft, feminine shades that are perfect for summer. These chic, visually "jelly-like" polishes have soft and lightweight textures, ideal for layering or to be worn alone for a plump look. 

Effortless Layering

These polishes capture the essence of dreamy pastel hues, offering a touch of elegance and whimsy to your fingertips. The lightweight formula allows for effortless layering, creating customizable looks that are perfect for any occasion.

More Than Just Color: A Semi-Translucent Delight

The Glazed Glass Series: Pastel Dreams goes beyond just color. The unique, seemingly "soft and squishy" consistency – reminiscent of jelly – adds a playful touch, while visually creating a plump, jelly-like appearance for a truly distinctive look.

Light Reflecting Beauty

The polished finish reflects light beautifully, highlighting the pure pastel shades and adding a touch of "other-worldy-ness" to the finish. 

This makes it perfect for showcasing its brilliant jelly-like finish.

"The Glazed Glass Series is a delightful way to add a touch of artistry to your nails, embodying the beauty of colored glass while providing a versatile and user-friendly way to showcare individual style."

 - Jin Soon Choi

Summer Glazed Glass Colors: 

Bliss, light violet blue: A light violet blue, inspired by a delicate wisteria in bloom, this shade embodies the captivatingly soft, dreamy strokes and ethereal beauty of a flowering vine.  


nails whimsy color

Whimsy, light lavender: A soft, wispy violet, like the whisper of twilight upon a field of blooming lavender. Let your imagination run wild with this shade and bring its subtle beauty to life.  


nails charm color

Charm, light pastel green: A scoop of moonlight sorbet, tinged with a hint of mint, this sweet and soothing shade promises a world of gentle whimsy and quiet charm.

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