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Meet the Artist: Hyang Soon Yun

Meet the Korean Pop artist who created the modern art installation called Chroma Dots. We have been friends since young adulthood and it’s so great to collaborate with her for my Pop Dots Nail Art Appliqué stickers. Come check out her art at the JINsoon Tribeca Spa, located on 37 Walker Streetbetween Church and Broadway, NYC.


JINsoon Pop Dot Art Series
Korean Artist Hyang Sook Yun, known for the use of acrylic as her preferred medium, has once again collaborated with Jin Soon Choi. The new Pop Dot Art Series expands her use of acrylic as a transformative art form. By interplaying layers of richly hued chroma colors in circles of various diameters and offsets, Hyank Sook’s work takes on an ephemeral aura when viewed through focused light.


Randomly overlaid eccentric dots for an unpredictably playful nail sticker design.

Concentric inlaid circles that create a halo-like aura for a radiant nail look. 
A modern twist on the classic smiley face, these iconic decals deliver an uplifting Pop Art vibe.
"I was fascinated to see how the intensity and saturation of color tones creates new colors in multi-dimensional forms; the luminescence creates patterns beyond what first meets the eye. Hues changed by reflection provide a diffusive aspect." - Hyang Sook Yun

"I translated HyankSook Yun's art into three unique JINsoon Nail Art appliques: Chroma Dots, represented by eccentric color patterns, Aura Dots, representing concentric inlaid colors, and Smile Dots, representing hopefulness through color." – Jin Soon Choi, Founder of JINsoon Beauty and the JINsoon Nail Spas.
About HyangSook Yun
Hyang Sook Yun was born in Seoul, South Korea and graduated from HongIk University in 1985. She held her first solo exhibition in 1989, presenting varied planar and three-dimensional pieces in strong color tones. Throughout the 1990's, she recycled abandoned objects, incorporating them into art as an expression of hopefulness over adversity. In the 2000's, Hyang Sook experimented with dot matrix grids, super-imposing them over silhouette-like iconic images, employing both bright and watercolor-like tints layered on acrylic plates, which emerged to become part of her first collaboration with JINsoon, the Neo Pop Collection. 
This work evolved into her current collaboration with JINsoon: the Pop Dot Series nail art appliques. Here, Hyang Sook layers richly hued colors of acrylic plates in random diameters and offsets inspiring three unique JINsoon appliques. 

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