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Social Highlights: nail colors and nail designs from JINsoon devotees

We are genuinely grateful for the love and support shown by devotees who use JINsoon products and share their nail art along with their favorite shades. These posts are not only delightful but also add a fun, playful element to our daily lives. We encourage you to explore the diverse array of colors and designs that people have created using JINsoon products. It's incredibly inspiring to witness the unique and artistic sides of individuals. Thank you for being an integral part of this wonderful and creative community!

We'd love to see more creations using our shades! Below, we have included some of the latest creations shared on our social media sites.

Book Club's Favorites

JINsoon's exquisite color palette resonates harmoniously with book covers that mirror the essence of the narratives they hold. Here are a few exemplary pairings:

Sunshine Nails - JINsoon Enflammee by @thelittlethingsandmore Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of poppy flowers with the coral orange hue of Enflammee. This shade, universally flattering on every skin tone, beckons you to coordinate it with your lips for a seamless fashion statement.

Happy Place - JINsoon Daisy by @jessllibby Infuse joy into your manicure with Daisy top coat adorned with daisy motifs in playful shades of orange, blue, and light pink, interspersed with confetti-like dots.

Wide Sargasso Sea by @manicuratedbooks

Delight in the artistry that converges book cover and nail design. Using JINsoon Palma as the base color, she expertly recreated the intricate flower motifs from the book's cover art.

French Inspired Nail Designs

French manicure-inspired nail art effortlessly weaves the threads of classic and modern aesthetics into our daily lives, carving a niche as one of the most beloved nail design trends.
Explore these captivating French-inspired designs that seamlessly blend timeless elegance with contemporary charm:

V French by @say_my_nails A pastel green and deep green concoction elegantly forms the V-shaped French manicure atop a sheer pink base - this look is created with JINsoon Keppel and Tila on Muse.

Watermelon French by @manimarlo Infuse a burst of summery delight with the watermelon-themed French manicure. The vibrant JINsoon Winky serves as the perfect base to channel the seasonal fruit.

Geo French by @heymichellelee A modern twist on the geometric French manicure using JINsoon Ube and Coquette on a sheer base, creating a soft yet contemporary aesthetic.

Dainty French by @betina_goldstein Betina Goldstein's artistry shines through in her creation of a delicate skinny French on JINsoon Prim. Her signature touch adds an element of current chicness to timeless style.

Pop Confetti French by @florals_groundbreaking Love these tropical vibes with the vibrant Pop Confetti French manicure, adorned with the playful pairing of JINsoon Daisy and Palma, creating a lively and enchanting visual narrative.

Half French by @heluviee
Incorporate elegance with the simplicity of half French curves using JINsoon Lavanda on a sheer base. The result is a graceful and refined look that captures attention effortlessly.

The Barbie Inspired

The Barbie trend is currently sweeping through the fashion world, and the iconic Barbie pink shade has never been more renowned.

Pink hearts and pink French nail art crafted by @kgrdnr

Her execution is nothing short of perfection, resulting in a stunning outcome. She used the combination of JINsoon Dolly Pink, a retro blush pink hue, and the vivacious bright pink like JINsoon Hella, lending to a unique design.

Fun-fetti Fabulousness

The whimsical fun-fetti nail art never fails to evoke a sense of joy and exuberance. Effortlessly bringing a cheerful vibe to your nails, this playful design is easily achievable even without specialized nail art tools.

Daisy Delights @kisiwadesign showcases an enchanting approach with delicate daisy toppings on clear nails. The fusion of daisy flowers and vibrant dot confetti creates a delightful and artistic statement.

Pop Confetti

@lovelisali introduces a charming twist by gracing her nails with daisies on the vivid canvas of Hella and Hope shades. The addition of pop confetti takes the vibrancy to the next level, injecting a playful spin into the overall look.


@tori_frances elevates her birthday celebrations with Dotty-adorned nails, aligning perfectly with the festive occasion. The choice of Dotty nails adds a touch of joy and celebration to her special day.

Negative Space

Negative nail art is renowned for its contemporary flair and style, offering a fresh and chic aesthetic that resonates with both youthfulness and elegant simplicity.

Negative Space Moons

@nailartbysig unveils an elegant take on negative space with her Negative Space Moons. Using JINsoon Palma, she crafts a stylish moon shape on each nail, further accentuating the design by adorning blue daisies onto the moon shape. This artful approach to negative space brings a touch of sophistication to your nails.

Cross Line
@pchuphu effortlessly rocks a simple and straightforward cross line design, using JINsoon Pop Orange on a clean base. The choice perfectly complements her eyeliner color, creating a cohesive look. This design is ideal for short nails, showcasing that a simple concept can make a bold statement.

Red Nails

Red, the universally adored and most prominent color in the world of nail polish, holds an enduring charm that resonates with all. Delve into captivating hybrid variations of reds, each boasting a unique and intriguing twist that adds depth and excitement to this classic hue.

Exotic Coral Red
@manimarlo swooning over JINsoon Winky, a mix of pink, coral, and red hues. This shade appeals to those who adore both reds and corals, offering a harmonious compromise for those who can't fully commit to either.

JINsoon Idyll, vintage red by @nagoyaboo

Step into the bold and pigment-rich terracotta shade of JINsoon Idyll. This antique red is perfect for adorning short or long almond-shaped nails, exuding a glamorous and timeless charm.

Effortless Elegance: The Clean Manicure

For a polished daily look, my personal favorite is the sheer natural aesthetic. Among the array of sheer options, JINsoon Dew stands out as the epitome of perfection. Discover the refined collection of JINsoon's sheer natural shades, including Dew, Pixie, Muse, and Tulle. Each hue encapsulates the essence of minimalistic beauty, allowing you to effortlessly embrace a clean and timeless manicure style.

Elevating Natural Beauty: A Minimalist Manicure

@jessicawashick showcases the epitome of clean and natural-looking nails. Her technique involves applying a coat of JINsoon HyperRepair treatment as a base, which carries a subtle pink tint. She then enhances the look with a delicate French line using Dew for that effortlessly natural finish. The final touch involves applying JINsoon Top Gloss top coat, resulting in a sophisticated and understated manicure that celebrates the beauty of simplicity.

Floral Nail Designs:

Floral nail designs have captivated enthusiasts for quite some time and continue to garner a devoted following that never wanes.

Retro Daisies

@joydumpling brings a dose of timeless charm with her retro daisies nail art. Is there such a thing as too many daisies? The combination of JINsoon Palma, Lavanda, and Piedra creates a distinctive and captivating look that promises enduring uniqueness. These daisies are a perpetual delight that you'll never tire of.

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