Summer mani/pedi color duos

Capture the essence of your summer style perfectly with these captivating manicure and pedicure color combinations. Embracing two different colors on your nails and toes allows for a touch of fun, playfulness, or sheer style. Don't hesitate to experiment and harmonize these colors to align with your unique preferences.

Explore our trendy suggestions below, designed to effortlessly elevate your sunny season look:

1. Perfect Duo

Embrace a timeless sheer neutral manicure color like JINsoon Pixie, which seamlessly complements a vibrant red pedicure for a striking and alluring burst of color. Experiment with JINsoon Vanity for an enticing touch. This is the exact combination I employed on models during the Michael Kors NYFW SS20 show, ensuring a sensational and captivating look!

2. Barbie Aesthetic

Indulge in the allure of a contemporary opaque light pink manicure, embodied by shades like JINsoon Pinky or Dolly Pink. Enhance the charm with the iconic barbie pink pedicure, exemplified by JINsoon Love. This delightful combination presents a splendid chance to delve into color coordination, creating an enjoyable option for those who truly adore the barbie pink aesthetic.

3. Fun-fetti Tips + Bright Toes

I love adding a touch of playful confetti with a fun and colorful topping like JINsoon Dotty on clean nails, creating a negative space nail art illusion. To complement this, a striking, bright orange pedicure using JINsoon Hope adds an extra dash of a summery vibe.

Another exciting pairing involves starting with a clean JINsoon Aero manicure and pedicure, and then adding a layer of JINsoon Fab for an added twist. Alternatively, you can apply Fab as a fun-fetti on the nails and Aero on the toes, then sprinkle Fab on top of Aero. This combination boasts a sophisticated yet whimsical appeal that's perfect for the joyful spirit of summer.

4. Tropical Vibes – Yellow, Green or Orange + White

Yellow radiates a youthful and vibrant spirit. I designed JINsoon Tweety to evoke the beauty of forsythia flowers. This contemporary, brilliant yellow shade complements short to medium-length nails splendidly and effortlessly harmonizes with neutrals. For a fresh and luminous summer appearance, pair it with a JINsoon Absolute White pedicure. Alternatively, to embrace the essence of summer, consider combining JINsoon Palma or Pop Orange with Absolute White for a tropical twist.

5. Nautical Chic - Pastel Purple + Deep Blue

Unveil the serene and delightful charm of pastel purple, encapsulated by shades like JINsoon Ube. This subtle hue emanates a tranquil elegance when applied to your nails. To infuse a touch of cool chicness, consider selecting Beau or Abyss for your toes. This pairing establishes a harmonious contrast that exudes style, rendering it an ideal choice for achieving a chic and trendsetting appearance.

6. Floral Sense

Immerse yourself in the spirit of summer with the vibrant hues of exotic florals gracing your toes. Consider adorning your toes with shades like JINsoon Winky or Coral Peony, capturing the vivid beauty of blooming flowers. For your nails, opt for the soft and soothing lavender purple of JINsoon Birdie, evoking a sense of tranquility. This exquisite combination celebrates the very essence of summer, allowing you to revel in the kaleidoscope of floral beauty.

7. Summer Glam

Transform your summer look with a touch of metallic elegance on your nails, combined with a shimmering pearly finish for your toes. Embrace the enchantment of the season by trying out JINsoon Nifty on your nails and Akoya on your toes. This dynamic duo radiates a shiny finish that's perfect for infusing your summer style with a dash of sophisticated glamour.

8. Neutral Nudes

Nude shades stand as the ideal summer mani/pedi combination for those seeking a timeless and natural appearance. When uncertain about your choice or drawn to a more subdued aesthetic, nudes are the way to go. Experiment with JINsoon Demure for your toes and Moxie for your nails. This pairing emanates a refined and understated elegance that perfectly complements the essence of summer.

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