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Summer/Spring 23 Nail Designs

SS23 Nail Designs: Nail Trends from the runways and fashion campaigns

There are simple, easy to do nail designs that TEAM JINSOON used on the Summer/Spring runway shows and fashion campaigns encompassing a range of nudes, touches of chrome, reds, ombres, dainty French and brights. These looks are trending because they are this season's runway favorites and have been showing up in many fashion campaigns. And now, many of my clients at the JINsoon nail salons ask for these designs as well. With this type of nail art, I always advise to keep it simple. The nail bed is such a small surface that overly complicated designs often get lost on the observer. Overall, summer and spring nail trends tend to be light, fresh, playful, and simple, so don't be afraid to experiment with different colors and designs to find your perfect spring time look!

Sheer Nudes

Sheer creams like JINsoon Dew are going viral lately. This shade was the most sought after and favorite sheer on runways and fashion campaigns of the season. Models praised Dew because it looks clean and healthy.

Jin Soon Dew

Sheer pinks such as JINsoon Pixie and Muse are also fashion's favorites. I have used them on magazine covers, shows and campaigns. And speaking of Pixie, the supermodel Gisele said, “I love this color, it makes my nails look so clean.”  You can easily skip a base coat for this: it dries faster with fewer steps and the sheer colors act as a base coat with a nice sheen and finish, especially with a top coat applied.

 JINsoon Pixie - An alluring sheer pink with a glossy finish.

 JINsoon Muse - A sheer pink that enlivens nails.

Chrome Accents

I did this for the Peter Do SS2023 runway.  We added a silver chrome foil patch on JINsoon Pixie or Dew and Absolute Black, and it wasn't as shocking as you might expect. It was subtle while imparting a 3D appearance. I especially love a chrome touch on a sheer base – a chrome foil patch on sheer polish looks fun, cool yet stylish, and pearly white chrome on full nails looks sophisticated.

Silver chrome on full nails is funky, and silver chrome French tips look super cool. Other options are chrome curly lines on nude and chrome French tips on nudes. A touch of chrome is a current look and adds an element of hauteur to your nails.  It's effortless to create – just use silver chrome foil in an abstract manner, and you're all set! Chrome accent nails are so hot, both when they cover full nails or on accent nails. 

JINsoon Melange - A shimmering silver flecked with dark gray speckles.

JINsoon Nifty - A thoroughly modern take on vintage silver.

Skin Tone Nudes

Modern versions of timeless elegant nudes that compliment skin tones subtly, like I did at the Michael Kors Spring 2023 runway, are so on trend. Michael loves nail colors that work on and flatter different skin tones. Jin Soon Choi chose JINsoon Fire Clay for dark medium to dark skin tones, Moxie for light medium to light skin tones, and Nostalgia for pale skin tones for the Michael Kors Spring 2023 runway. JINsoon Nostalgia, which also works in unison with the prevailing color palette, was used on some models in the Spring Valentino campaign.

JINsoon Fire Clay - A terracotta rusty brown shade of burnt sienna that resembles fired clay. This warm and cozy color offers a provocative earthen hue.

Ombré nails

Ombrés are hot at this moment, especially monochromatic types like black or white ombrés. Check out the Peter Do Spring 2023 show - it was a runway favorite! Ombrés look good with whatever wardrobe you are sporting and effortlessly convey a fashiony presentation. For a beginner-friendly technique, paint your polish on a wedge makeup sponge and gently dab the sponge onto your nail until you're happy with the result.

The key point for this look is to have a small soft sponge for easy use and all you have to do is dab it on beginning at the tips with the darker color and gradually fade upward. If you only have a large sponge, simply cut it into smaller pieces. A glossy finish with JINsoon Top Gloss will add a more jelly-like appearance. Finish the look by applying JINsoon Matte Make matte top coat if you'd like a satin matte finish.

Dainty French

Check out Fendi and Brandon Maxwell for ideal examples of the “Dainty French” with skinny lines on the tips (JINsoon Pixie + Ube)—Pastel French tips are a whimsical nod to Spring. Team JINsoon did this look for the Brandon Maxwell SS2023 runway. 

Instead of having pastel colors on full nail beds, which is a perennial Spring favorite, try this dainty pastel French line for an elegant and delicate style.  It is refined and polished, much like the modernized dainty look we have been seeing on the runways of late. The look is minimalist meets Spring. Try this with different colors to render different looks: Silver or rose gold tips look contemporary, white tips look super clean and modern, and various pastel color tips on each nail look delightful. Skinny French nail art is the most frequently requested French nail design at my salons. If you are unable to draw thin French lines, use a French nail stamper instead.

JINsoon Ube - A bright lavender that instantly elevates your style.

Red nails

Red manicures never go out of style because red is such a striking yet timeless and classic shade that is associated with passion and love. Red nail polish is the quintessential nail polish shade. JINsoon Vanity, hot red on natural nails in Moschino Spring 2023 looked so modern, playful and sexy, JINsoon Audacity, which was used in the Spring campaign of Valentino, really rocked. Vanity, used on Karlie Kloss, and Dara and Coquette, used on Pat Cleveland made for a hot glam look in the late editorial work d La Repubblica. — it was sensual and provocative!

JINsoon Vanity - A vivacious red that is at once ultra-modern and classic.

JINsoon Audacity - A deep wine shade that’s both timeless and provocative.

JINsoon Coquette - A sophisticated red Inspired by the 1929 film Coquette.

Check out the Moschino Spring 2023 Campaign, Valentino, de publica magazine editorial.

The Millennial Kitsch colors

Playful aesthetics in cheerful colors like blue and pink were part of Peter Do's Spring 2023 runway show.  They highlight the dynamic flair of the collection's primary element.  Peter used pop colors like JINsoon Vanity, Cool Blue and Hella to match with the eyebrows of the models.

JINsoon Vanity - A vivacious red that is at once ultra-modern and classic.

JINsoon Cool Blue - A classic cerulean inspired by crisp blue jeans and colorful poodle skirts that was named by supermodel Mirte Maas.

The millenial Kitsch colors symbolize optimism and hope for the future, as younger generations find power in expression through bright, energizing colors. Peter Do said, “Now I'm excited to say that Peter Do is for everyone because we don't just dress women or men, we dress people.”

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