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Timeless Red Manicures: Iconic, Seductive, and Always in Style

Red Nails are high fashion's favorite and red manicures never go out of style

Red manicures never go out of style because red is such a striking yet timeless and classic shade that is associated with passion and love. Red nail polish is the quintessential nail polish shade. Indeed, the first nail polish color is believed to have been a deep red that originated in China 3,000 BC. Red is a universal color that looks good on any skin tone, which is why it remains an enduring choice for manicures.

Recently the red nail theory regarding men's admiration for red nail polish being connected to memories of their mothers has become a viral sensation. It is an interesting theory that perhaps has some validity, but I have never heard from any of my clients that red is for old people or reminds them of their mothers. It is difficult to determine if red nail polish gets commented on by men more often simply because it is such a classic shade and an "it" color in high fashion. Red is a noticeable and inherently sexy color, so it would stand to reason that men would comment on it. I've noticed our clients love red on their nails because their partners invariably support it as a nail color choice.

Red wasn't only popular in the '90s; it has always been worn by all age groups and for any occasion. I agree about red nails getting major attention from suitors because it is provocative, sexy, passionate and seductive, and best of all it makes you feel confident and delivers a sense of power. Red is truly special and I have to say that it is my favorite shade.

This is also the season for red nails in the world of fashion. I have used reds on lots of fashion house campaigns and shows: the Moschino and Valentino Spring 2023 Campaigns, Peter Do Spring 2023, Michael Kors and Brandon Maxwell FW2023 during NYFW, and Iman on British Vogue. So many models complimented the nail color that Team JINsoon used on the shows and campaigns telling me how much they loved the color "Audacity."

Iman Is British Vogue’s January 2023 Cover Star

JINsoon Coquette used on the iconic Iman - a brilliant classic red on almond shaped nails for a iconic revolutionary supermodel Iman. Without classic red nails, we can't talk about fashion.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard, I broke my wrist. I had a heavy, big cast for eight weeks. It has just come off, and [the doctors] told me, ‘You cannot use your hands.’ Nadine [Ijewere, Vogue’s photographer] had seen through the years just how expressive I am with my hands. And then all of a sudden,” she says, with a pause for dramatic effect, “it was only one hand.” -Iman

Despite her broken wrist, she showed off her red nails in some poses.

  • Photographs by Nadine Ijewere
  • Styling by Kate Phelan
  • Hair by Jawara
  • Makeup by Grace Ahn
  • Nails by Jin Soon Choi

Moschino Spring/Summer 2023 Campaign: JINsoon Vanity, hot red

JINsoon Vanity completes the Moschino’s latest collection: the embodiment of joy; splashes of vibrant color meld with variations on classic silhouettes.
Featuring top models Lulu Wood, Malika Louback, Mila van Eeten, Sherry Shi, and Vittoria Ceretti

  • Lensed by photographer Steven Meisel.
  • Creative direction was Jason Duzansky,
  • Styling from Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele,
  • Set design by Mary Howard
  • Casting direction by Piergiorgio Del Moro and Samuel Ellis Scheinman.
  • Hair stylist Guido Palau
  • Makeup artist Pat McGrath
  • Manicurist Jin Soon Choi.

Peter Do Spring Summer 2023 'Time'

Imperfect perfection achieved by Team JINsoon delicate silver foil on nude and black nails, and ombre inspired by the collection's prints, featuring a blurry city skyline, matching red, pink, blue, silver eyebrows and red, pink, blue, silver colors made a strong statement

JINsoon Vanity on nails for one of many nail looks - matching red eyebrows and red colors made a strong statement

  • Styling by Peter Do
  • Hair by Jawara
  • Makeup by Aaron Demey
  • Nails by Jin Soon Choi

Brandon Maxwell FW 2023: JINsoon Audacity matches the elegance and power of his collection

Almost everything came in monochrome, and 100% of it was in neutrals which totally makes sense to have this deep red on nails as a fashion accessory that works well for his collection.

  • Styling by Tonne Goodman
  • Makeup by Fulvia Farolfi
  • Hair by Eugene Souleiman
  • Nails by Jin Soon Choi 

Michael Kors FW 2023: JINsoon Audacity, a deep wine shade that's both timeless and provocative

The '70s callbacks:

Kors has always loved the '70s and JINsoon Audacity was the perfect color for his collection.

  • Styling by Carlos Nazario
  • Hair by Orlando Pita
  • Makeup by Dick Page
  • Nails by Jin Soon Choi

Valentino Spring Summer 2023 Collection

JINsoon Audacity fits "A portrait of fashion"

“The Unboxing Valentino collection campaign is the portrait of a moment. The portrait of a new generation. A portrait of fashion, freedom of expression and the power of beauty. Pierpaolo Piccioli chose a cast of characters with a strong identity, to convey his idea of beauty. He looks for humans, real people make things easier. They put the extraordinary in a familiar frame. A collective exploration of diverse personalities to dwell the Maison community, like a Warhol factory, through Steven Meisel’s lens.” – from Valentino
  • Models: Alay Deng, Alin Szewczyk, Cas van Uytvanck, Dolly Baby, Douta Sidibe, Hiroto Yamamoto, Hunter Pifer, Jacob Adolpho, Mell, Nanne Tjoelker, Nevine Fadlmula, and Safe Crane.
  • Photographer: Steven Meisel.
  • Styling: Joe McKenna
  • Hair stylist Guido Palau
  • Makeup artist Pat McGrath
  • Manicurist Jin Soon Choi

The fashion is sue VOL.Il nuovo numero di d, da domani in edicola.

 JINsoon Vanity on all model's nails for the February d La Repubblica Fashion issue

No explanation needed here! This is for the fashion issue and no doubt that red nails are essential. Models were posing while the artist Drake was drawing. It was quite an interesting project to be a part of.

Photo @ethanjamesgreen Style @tonnegood Model @karliekloss Art @patcleveland , @dara ._ Art @drake Carr — EIC @efarneti Casting @piergiorgio & @samuel_ellis — Cover 1/3 — Full credits: Fashion @celine Homme, @giorgioarmani Hair @sonnymolinahair Make-up @dickpageface Nail @JINsoon #ThedFashionIssue #Fashionweek202

What makes one red shade stand out from another?

The degree of brightness and the tone of the nail polish is what makes one shade stand out from another within the context of how the red polish contrasts with the user's skin tone. Brightness refers to how light or dark the red shade is and tone refers to the opacity and depth of the pigmentation and prevailing undertone. The higher the pigmentation, the more intense the color. The finish of the polish can also change the look of the color, whether it is glossy, satin, or matte. Undertones can also make a difference; red shades can have either warmer or cooler undertones, and this can influence the overall look of the color.

Go to red shades:

  • Tomato red shade: - JINsoon Pop Orange
  • Brick red shade: JINsoon Idyle or Fire Clay are two options for deep, earthy reds
  • Blue red shade: JINsoon Coquette and Audacity are dark, cool-toned reds
  • Red for fairer skin tones: JINsoon Coquette, a bright, cool-toned red
  • Red for melanated skin: JINsoon Vanity, a deep, warm-toned red

Red nail polish can sometimes stain the nail bed during removal— here is advice for expertly prepping nails for a fresh manicure after wearing red polish:
Without using a base coat, red polish can stain the nail bed, so it's essential to use a base coat when you wear red nail polish. Red polish seems to stain the cuticles and skin around the fingernails, especially if you have ragged/dry cuticles and skin, so make sure to apply cuticle oil around your cuticles and remove the old polish with a non-acetone nail polish remover. If you have stains on your nails after removing the old polish, use a JINsoon buffer and shiner, which doesn't damage your nails.


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